JET J.E. Turcotte Web Service Developer, Designer, Writer, and Photographer
    I am, by trade, a web-service developer with going on fifteen years experience designing everything from a simple flat 'services provided' website (not unlike this one, for the moment) to massive ground-up custom content management and administrative systems juggling over a million users. I've ported modules and dramatically improved data query and server performances. I've developed scripts in multiple languages that construct, interpret, repair, and port data sometimes consisting of tens of millions of records. I've written image interpretive software for use in interpreting old maps and creating new ones. I've designed flat and flash ads that have garnered an organization hundreds of thousands of new accounts. I've pointed a camera, pressed a button, and subsequently have achieved a few half-decent photographs... most often ideally framed for interweaving into modestly complicated web designs. I've even written the first draft of a near-future cautionary sci-fi drama, made a game, and have plans to do more of the same in my spare time. Just a few (oft-flexed) skills acquired:
  1. Actionscript
  2. AJAX
  3. Apache
  4. Beanstalk
  5. Bugzilla
  6. CSS
  7. CVS
  8. DBIx
  9. Drupal
  10. Flash
  11. GISDK
  12. Graphic Design
  13. HTML
  14. Hylafax
  15. Javascript
  16. Jira
  17. jQUERY
  18. JSON
  19. LaTeX
  20. Linux
  21. Memcache
  22. MongoDB
  23. MySQL
  24. Perl
  25. Photo Editing
  26. Photography
  27. Photoshop
  28. PHP
  29. POV
  30. Python
  31. REGEX
  32. REST
  33. RSS
  34. Scrum
  35. SQLAlchemy
  36. SVN
  37. Video Editing
  38. Videography
  39. Web Design
  40. Werkzeug
  41. Wordpress
  42. Writing
  43. XML

  44. I cultivate a wide array of personal interests, many of which are foci of wannabe-professionalism and other active pursuits, including:
  45. Astrophysics
  46. Biking
  47. Cartography
  48. Creating Writing
  49. Ecology
  50. Economics
  51. Environmentalism
  52. Fantasy Fiction
  53. Game Design
  54. Gaming
  55. Gardening
  56. Geology
  57. Hiking
  58. Meteorology
  59. Mineralogy
  60. Politics
  61. Renewables
  62. Rock-Hounding
  63. Science Fiction
  64. Sustainable Civilization
  65. Technology
  66. Zoology
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